Thursday, 21 January 2010

midi fuck off

Why do things expect me to be so clever? Why cant everything just do what I want them to do, just by shouting at them?

For a few years now I have worshipped this piece of equipment more than any fucking guitar or amp like normal rock 'n' roll kids.
We had such precious moments back in the bedsit of hell, the magic we made will fill me with pride forever.

Then something happened, THE CLICK OF DEATH, oh man what a massive cunt zip disks are

The click of death deleted a good three albums worth of hip hop and slight electronica.
I could have kicked a small child in the face.

After that the mpc became more a talking point for visitors, something to look a bit cool on the coffee table.

Untill now, or maybe not because MIDI IS A FUCKING TWAT.
I have acquired a new girlfriend in the form of an Akai MPK25

She is really fit and cool. She gives the impression she is easy but really makes you work for it, which I like.
Yeah she is basically rad. As with all girls though they have their weak parts. Her pads are nowhere near as good as she made out when we first met.

She also doesn't seem too keen to threesome, I mean what's the big deal? Your pads are shit, the MPC's pads are better so why can't I have the best of both worlds??


Thanks to these two machines and midi syncing being a pain, I'm going to be locked into a self imposed prison of geek talk, no sex and minimal food.

thanks Akai, thanks alot

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