Thursday, 5 January 2012


This is no longer about a band, instead I will use the name to further feel more important than I actually am. 140 characters just isn't enough my friend.

Allow me into your circle once more and we shall prosper with wit and lessons forever, well close to forever as possible.

you in?

Thursday, 30 September 2010

good, bad and the ugly

What a day of immense shite. Raining down on me like a monsoon of inconsiderate piranhas hell bent on dragging me to Scunthorpe with chains of rose thorns...

No bike and no food makes breaking up that little bit worse!

Its O.K though as the world continues spinning. Each and every spin brings us closer to playing with these lovely chaps at bodega nottingham on one night in October (the 7th to be exact)

Yes the little comets, most looking forward to it.

Also looking into the idea of doing an alternative bingo night in Derby.. (yes honestly)

One more word of advice, if you don't know how complicated bicycles work.



Monday, 20 September 2010

feedback needed!

O.k O.k, so this is the band blog but its mainly me (the 'vocalist') who blogs this shit.

I'm interested in doing a cover because I think it will be fun.

Which of these three songs do you blog followers and randoms think would be best?

yellow ribbon, love shack or we are your friends?? let me know why as well!


Thursday, 16 September 2010


A few top tips on procrastination.

Someone you might know once said something along the lines of 'time wasted enjoyed is not wasted' or something like that.

So you have something to do? And its really important? So important it needed to be done last week?

Well you better get on it with, why are you reading this rubbish? I'm guessing there are some other tabs open and someone is talking to you on FB chat..

Well sod it, just slack about a bit more. I suggest the best way to go about things is to wait until it is the absolute last minute, have a tantrum and a bit of cry before getting in done in half the time even professionals could do it.

The art of panic. May the power help you on your way. While we're at it, can anyone help me move house.....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Going to gigs

Going to gigs is never a waste of time. Yet it seems to be getting to the point where its dropping down the priority list, underneath such brilliant activities as 'spring cleaning' or watching 'shit tele'.

It seems the the most popular reasons for going to gigs is

1. A popular band who have made it and you know the words to their songs.
2. A mates band who you feel you have to go and see

or 3. You wandered in the venue mistaken it for your own front door in a drunken daze.

How many of you go to gigs not knowing what the band are like or even who they are? Just on the off chance you might discover something?

I mean why the fuck would anyone do that when you can just log on to spotify? I'll tell you why, because its better. Much in the same way sexual intercourse is better than surfing youporn.

In a exaggerated stance, leaving gigs to die and x factor to grow stronger year by year, the charts are going to be fucked over the hmv counter by jedward while credible artists give up writing songs as free downloads don't pay.

I'm sure its all different in London where the fog cleans your clothes and the cashpoints give you free money, everywhere else though, gigs seem to be loss leaders while the dubstep promoters rake it in charging " £7 DOOR TAX FOR DJ SPAZZCOCK'S BANGING SETLIST HE DID INNIT"

If you want to have a new favourite band in 5 years time and you want them to be good, then go to some gigs. Even if the band is shit you can slag them off, regardless of whether you're in a band or not.

(sometimes this is the most fun..)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

This weekend taught me a few things.

1. The importance of sleep.
2. Cambridge is full of twats.
3. Rainchester
4. Bowie is king.

And whats with this fucking hipster viral vid? Its fucking everywhere.