Thursday, 31 December 2009

super OMG

No, we're not normal. On that super hollyoaks style. New decade CUOAC xxx

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Who had a rock n roll Christmas?
Did you fuck the turkey over for a cocktail of Cocaine and mkat? Did you stab your guests in the face for eating all the pigs in blankets?
My mate pitman has stories not even safe for the internet, super extreme superhans shit. We stole a tank and ran over a pig for stealing our heroin, then a nap before royal scumbags and gavin and fatty, nothing biggy.

Christmas is like well over and now its 2010. Here is what TTPF have in line for 2010..
poppers, booze and watching keeping up appearances. Oh and we're going to perform some shows....

At the Blessington carriage, where the ales are A*, the staff are fit and the smoking garden is fairly warm.

JANUARY 17TH, It's on a Funday Sunday with the spirit offer fuelling the pandemonium. I'm (Stu) going to make a massive dick of myself, try and sleep with your boyfriend and most likely wear something designed for girls.

We're doing the Vaults as part of a special tigers like night, my plans for this one is to hammer down the jagerbombs and slag off many a band which seem to exist in D-town. Christ all mighty there are some shit bands out there* unsurprisingly made up of cunts. I think this one will a major scene up with lots of back slapping. I'm going to be a twat though, it will be fucking awesome. ALCOLOL X

* We like quite a few mind

Saturday, 26 December 2009

i shall be shit at famous

songs from ttpf will be strive to be your best friend after a night of heavy boozetown, which leaves you on your own. Where you won't be on your 'own'. xxx

Monday, 21 December 2009

My 10 predicted trends for 2010

Got a few theories, most probably all rubbish though. Will re-visit in 12 months time.

1. MASSIVE JUMPERS, still equipped with skinny jeans. Going to take a while to get rid of them.

2. The year of facebook campaigns. every fucker is going to have a wacky idea about changing the world by facebook campaigns after ratm I.E " IF A MILLION PEOPLE JOIN THIS GROUP I WILL WANK OFF A TRAMP!" or " BRING BACK GARY LINEKER CRISPS!"
All stuff no one cares about until others do.

3. Good Shoes for ultimate takeover??

4. Ridiculous entry into the bloggesphere, if I'm doing it then it means most are.

5. DVD and cinema ticket sales going down being a major part of the news. All the papers are bored of single/album sales going down. With tvfreeload and others its about time the film industry started kicking off a boot.

6. A major disgust of one night stands. I'm pretty sure everyone has realised they are rubbish, too much hassle, cheap and you don't get your tea right in the morning. I really hope this happens. I hate them.

7. Leaving the city your in. Lets be honest, no one wants to blame themselves. Its easier to blame your environment and the people that surround you, that's why you're not happy right? get out mate, get out.

8. Sorting your life out. Job. Social circle. Clothes. Significance

9. Kicking the fuck out of your T.V. Tele is shite. Minor form of escapism which doesn't work


Saturday, 19 December 2009

so so happy making

We shall be supporting Hatcham Social a week or so after valentines day.

Last time I went to watch them I went with two super important people. It was a splendid night and hopefully this one will be too, with less emotional attachments involved.

Has anyone ever wrote a review about content including them before? I hope we can make it happen.


Friday, 18 December 2009


Brotime! What I shall be living (hopefully) for 2010!

I feel guilty, I realised that I have ignored the true benefits of brotime chillz for a long time.
Its the best!

Night clubs in D-City are pretty weak, the music is wack and you end up talking to people you wouldn't really 'do dinner with'

Gigs are awesome, but they need to be incorporated with brotime chillz. Enough people to get hammered with and dance like dickheads, thats brotime!

****====Quick note: By brotime chillz, we are not excluding sistimechillz, brotime chillz is all the sexes (best with minimum of sexual interests, one or two couples is chill, everyone trying to fuck eachother, not chill)

I don't know where I'm going with this though, basically im brotime chilling right. I set up my laptop to DJ with and ended up getting on the internet so thought I would blog this shit.

[ash] I love booze.. and my friends [/ash]

brotime chillz ftw. to 2010 and beyond!

ttpf xxxx

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

google motherfucking wave

What does google wave mean for bands? What does google wave mean for music?

I reckon at the minute it will mean less will get done as people will be pissing about changing what other people have said on different waves.

Drag and drop means more file sharing (hurrah, ticket and t shirt sales FTW!)

Bands will be able to host public waves meaning a million requests for guestlist/obscure b-sides/what will you be wearing, leading to 'more fan interaction' which is gay anyway. So that's not the most exciting part about it.

Bands have been able to post mp3's up for the last five decades anyway so that doesnt change much.

What will be best is changing details on gigs when promoters/managers/jesus fucks up and it will be waved right in your face.

I may be missing loads out, will google wave be important in the promotion of new bands? Or does no one care any more about new bands unless your mates are supporting them?

google wave, still not cooler than blackberry, but rad none the less

Monday, 23 November 2009


Like super ZOMG Derby is horrendous.

Monday, 26 October 2009

playing a gig on your birthday? just say no!

O.k so birthdays are pretty fucking radical, and its mandatory to do something exciting for it even if you have under average social skills.

What will most likely happen is a incredible amount of free booze will be offered to you on a plate, which while awesome, can bring problems into the field.


Here is Ash before the onslaught of free booze got thrown at him, smiles, happy, people wanting to talk and touch him.

We had decided not to drink before our gig so we didn't collapse on stage like a second hand shed built by new born children.

How was this ever going to happen? on what fucking planet where we having a jolly English picnic on when we thought this was even physically possible?!

Needless to say booze was king, we fucking love booze and booze loves us. Booze loves us so much it even stays for cuddles in the morning and cooks us rad breakfasts. Would you not tell someone who loves you about your birthday? ban them from the party? I think not! King booze was a major player at this birthday party. We just don't want him to be in the band, it would be too much.

This is what the world looked like to most of us by the time we got on stage.

I'm pretty sure we were still fucking awesome.
Just don't play gigs on your birthday. Birthdays are for booze xxx

Sunday, 11 October 2009


I haven't quite figured out what kind of meme we're going to go for so maybe anyone who accidently stumbles across this page could help figure it out for us. I'm pretty sure it ain't about the music no more...

Also, a very important issue. Eyeliner or glitter?