Monday, 21 December 2009

My 10 predicted trends for 2010

Got a few theories, most probably all rubbish though. Will re-visit in 12 months time.

1. MASSIVE JUMPERS, still equipped with skinny jeans. Going to take a while to get rid of them.

2. The year of facebook campaigns. every fucker is going to have a wacky idea about changing the world by facebook campaigns after ratm I.E " IF A MILLION PEOPLE JOIN THIS GROUP I WILL WANK OFF A TRAMP!" or " BRING BACK GARY LINEKER CRISPS!"
All stuff no one cares about until others do.

3. Good Shoes for ultimate takeover??

4. Ridiculous entry into the bloggesphere, if I'm doing it then it means most are.

5. DVD and cinema ticket sales going down being a major part of the news. All the papers are bored of single/album sales going down. With tvfreeload and others its about time the film industry started kicking off a boot.

6. A major disgust of one night stands. I'm pretty sure everyone has realised they are rubbish, too much hassle, cheap and you don't get your tea right in the morning. I really hope this happens. I hate them.

7. Leaving the city your in. Lets be honest, no one wants to blame themselves. Its easier to blame your environment and the people that surround you, that's why you're not happy right? get out mate, get out.

8. Sorting your life out. Job. Social circle. Clothes. Significance

9. Kicking the fuck out of your T.V. Tele is shite. Minor form of escapism which doesn't work


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