Monday, 26 October 2009

playing a gig on your birthday? just say no!

O.k so birthdays are pretty fucking radical, and its mandatory to do something exciting for it even if you have under average social skills.

What will most likely happen is a incredible amount of free booze will be offered to you on a plate, which while awesome, can bring problems into the field.


Here is Ash before the onslaught of free booze got thrown at him, smiles, happy, people wanting to talk and touch him.

We had decided not to drink before our gig so we didn't collapse on stage like a second hand shed built by new born children.

How was this ever going to happen? on what fucking planet where we having a jolly English picnic on when we thought this was even physically possible?!

Needless to say booze was king, we fucking love booze and booze loves us. Booze loves us so much it even stays for cuddles in the morning and cooks us rad breakfasts. Would you not tell someone who loves you about your birthday? ban them from the party? I think not! King booze was a major player at this birthday party. We just don't want him to be in the band, it would be too much.

This is what the world looked like to most of us by the time we got on stage.

I'm pretty sure we were still fucking awesome.
Just don't play gigs on your birthday. Birthdays are for booze xxx

Sunday, 11 October 2009


I haven't quite figured out what kind of meme we're going to go for so maybe anyone who accidently stumbles across this page could help figure it out for us. I'm pretty sure it ain't about the music no more...

Also, a very important issue. Eyeliner or glitter?