Friday, 18 December 2009


Brotime! What I shall be living (hopefully) for 2010!

I feel guilty, I realised that I have ignored the true benefits of brotime chillz for a long time.
Its the best!

Night clubs in D-City are pretty weak, the music is wack and you end up talking to people you wouldn't really 'do dinner with'

Gigs are awesome, but they need to be incorporated with brotime chillz. Enough people to get hammered with and dance like dickheads, thats brotime!

****====Quick note: By brotime chillz, we are not excluding sistimechillz, brotime chillz is all the sexes (best with minimum of sexual interests, one or two couples is chill, everyone trying to fuck eachother, not chill)

I don't know where I'm going with this though, basically im brotime chilling right. I set up my laptop to DJ with and ended up getting on the internet so thought I would blog this shit.

[ash] I love booze.. and my friends [/ash]

brotime chillz ftw. to 2010 and beyond!

ttpf xxxx

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