Sunday, 27 December 2009


Who had a rock n roll Christmas?
Did you fuck the turkey over for a cocktail of Cocaine and mkat? Did you stab your guests in the face for eating all the pigs in blankets?
My mate pitman has stories not even safe for the internet, super extreme superhans shit. We stole a tank and ran over a pig for stealing our heroin, then a nap before royal scumbags and gavin and fatty, nothing biggy.

Christmas is like well over and now its 2010. Here is what TTPF have in line for 2010..
poppers, booze and watching keeping up appearances. Oh and we're going to perform some shows....

At the Blessington carriage, where the ales are A*, the staff are fit and the smoking garden is fairly warm.

JANUARY 17TH, It's on a Funday Sunday with the spirit offer fuelling the pandemonium. I'm (Stu) going to make a massive dick of myself, try and sleep with your boyfriend and most likely wear something designed for girls.

We're doing the Vaults as part of a special tigers like night, my plans for this one is to hammer down the jagerbombs and slag off many a band which seem to exist in D-town. Christ all mighty there are some shit bands out there* unsurprisingly made up of cunts. I think this one will a major scene up with lots of back slapping. I'm going to be a twat though, it will be fucking awesome. ALCOLOL X

* We like quite a few mind

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